Using the form for a free quote?
In the enquiry section, give a location of the window, measure the width and then height in cm or mm from wall to wall inside or outside.
Then give a brief description of the design.
If the glass is within 800mm from internal floor level and/or for or next to a door then add ‘toughened glass’ to design.

Example 1:
Location: Front bedroom 1
Size: 1200mm by 1000mm (width first)
side opener on left fixed pane on right
toughened glass

Example 2:
Location: Bathroom
Size: 1200mm by 800mm
top opener above fixed pane
Pattern glass

Example 3:
Location: Front door
Size: 1200mm by 2100mm
View from outside side screen on left
Door hinged on right open in
Endurace Eiger Sprng design
Anthracite door & frame outside, white inside.
Lever handle, knocker, letterplate,

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