What is a composite door?
Composite doors are becoming increasingly popular due to their added security benefits over pvc.
They are styled on a timber door with a wood grain effect slab that is set into a pvc outer frame.
The doors leaf (or slab) has an outer skin usually made up of a thin sheet of plastic or GRP for easy cleaning.
The inside of the slab consists of an insulating core (usually foam) that will contain timber around the perimeter or you can opt for a solid timber core.

Whichever brand or style you choose they often come in a variety of colours with the option to have the frame colour-matched to the door.

The solid core option from ‘ENDURANCE’ comes with High security locks as standard.
They also have a ‘thermo plastic’ skin rather than glass reinforced plastic, this skin has the same surface colour all the way through and is thicker than GRP skin doors that are usually sprayed to get their colour.

Endurance solid core doors
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