What is it?
Any new window and some doors fitted after 1st April 2002 will need to comply with Building regulations.
Doors with less than 50% Glass do not require building regulations.

How is it done?
One way is for a Double glazing business to pay a membership fee to FENSA or Certass which enables them to self certify their own installations.
FENSA or Certass will come out and inspect a percentage of the companies installations but not all of them.

Another way is by ringing your local council and informing them prior to install.

At ‘Not Just Glazing’ we use an independent building control company to come and inspect every job and inform your local council on your behalf.

We use Building Control Partnerships Ltd for every job, they will come and inspect the installation and issue you with a certificate of compliance.

Do we need a certificate?
Not until you come to sell the house! The mortgage lender will ask the solicitor to make sure there is a certificate for double glazing fitted after April 1st 2002.
The solicitors usually ask for ‘FENSA’ as they are unaware of the other alternatives.

My windows have been fitted but I don’t have a certificate!
Don’t worry if you don’t have a certificate as you can get one from your local council before you sell your house, it may be quite expensive as they will charge you ‘regulation’ rates due to the work being already completed.
Alternatively you can take out Building regulation indemnity insurance which protects  you if your local council take enforcement action, which is very unlikely. This would be the cheapest option.